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the finest fitness programs in st kilda

Our carefully curated class list has been painstakingly put together, based around our people. Our coaches. Our instructors. They are the best. Absolute cream of the crop. St Kilda's finest - Melbourne's finest, actually! We could run twice as many classes, but without the right team leading the way, it just wouldn't be right. So here is a list of our class types. We hope you love it.

Athletic Conditioning ‐ 1hr of unrest. The is the most challenging class on our timetable, designed to expose any weaknesses that need your attention in the rest of your weekly routine. You'll need to be able to run and jump, before taking on this class type. If you're looking to become Athletic ‐ Truly, truly physically capable, just show up and honour the work. It's BIG but it's a life changer.

Boxing ‐ 1 hour of boxing drills, skipping & own body weight exercises to leave you in a puddle on the floor at the end. One of those sneaky kind of workouts where you didn't really notice how exhausted you were until afterwards...

Boxing + Circuit ‐ Want to increase your overall strength and cardio? This running‐free session could be ideal. Think boxing drills to get your going, switched on and technique tuned in, followed by a mix of strength and functional movement exercises to make sure that you're been exercised from head to toe.





Circuit ‐ Think skipping ropes, medicine balls, weight plates, kettle bells and boxing gear. You'll sweat, huff and puff your way to a serious post‐exercise buzz. Full‐body blast to some pumped up tunes. Ideal for any fitness level. All exercises adaptable. Mainly indoors. Come sweat with us!

Pilates - class designed to tone and strengthen your core and body. Each exercise will focus on control and body awareness and will challenge your mind by incorporating Pilates equipment along the way.

Spin + Strength ‐ 30 minutes of crazy cardio / fat burning fun to high energy music, followed by 30 minutes of own body weight strength training and abdominal exercises to balance out your workout. 5 minute stretching so you can walk the next day ; )

Spin ‐ 45 minutes of sweaty, fast‐paced, noisy fun. 100% bike based workout with no prerequisite fitness credentials. Ideal for any fitness level, age or ability. Entirely customisable. Low impact and a great follow up to a strength-based session. 

Strength Circuit ‐ 45 minutes of Strength training in a circuit format to get you building some active muscle tissue which will improve your posture, Help you build core, upper and lower body strength, as well as improve your metabolism. Strength training is essential in any well‐rounded, effective exercise routine. This is a low‐impact class, so a great option for those with joint pain or injuries that need to be managed. All exercises are adaptable, so this is open to all fitness and strength levels.

Run Club ‐ 45‐60 minutes of drills and set intervals to elevate your running technique and increase your pace through good form and harder than usual effort. Ideal for any keen runner or anyone wanting to be a keen runner! Sessions held in St Kilda and at The Tan.